Summer. Junk Food. And Oral Health.

During the summer, your kids want junk food. As parents, you want your kids to keep their teeth clean. Hopefully both will happen (hey, we think kids deserve the sweets for taking care of their school work).

Bring the Kids to Artaza Dental This Summer

So the kids are out of school. There really is no better time to bring them to the dental office than during the summer months. It’s the perfect time for dental cleanings, taking care of cavities, and mapping out the rest of their year to achieve great dental health.

A Summer Teeth Whitening Deal You Won’t Want to Miss!

Everyone wants that beach body for the summer. You know what else everyone wants that is a lot easier to attain? A summer smile!

Summertime Is Here! Come Get Pampered!

Whenever the summer hits, it is supposed to represent a time when things slow down a little bit. The kids are out of school. Vacations are being planned. The smell of backyard BBQs are in the air. So yeah, it’s a time to relax and take a moment or two to pamper yourself.

Keep Bad Dental Experiences in the Past!

You’ve heard about them. We’ve heard about them. Everyone has heard about them. Bad dental experiences. It’s like a plague. A dental plague. But coming to the dentist should be a time where good things happen. This is why coming to Artaza Dental in Katy is the best idea for you and your family.

Our cordial dental staff works hard to ensure every patient is taken care of in a timely and efficient manner. So we don’t have long wait times, like most dental offices. Our Katy dentist office is warm and inviting, unlike most dental offices. And we all have fun at our office, which isn’t always the case at typical dentist offices.

But what is most important to you is the results. And that’s where we also excel.

Providing Katy’s Best Dentistry

With Dr. Artaza’s 40 years of experience, our dental office is capable of providing various types of dentistry, including general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and even cosmetic dentistry. Our experience mixed with the inclusion of the latest dental technology keeps our patients coming back time and time again.

We’ve earned our patients’ trust. That’s because we always put our best efforts forth throughout the entire experience for our patients. Patients who come to us and have had bad past experiences at other dentistry clinics can leave those experiences in the past.

Experience a New Dental Experience!

If you are one of the many who have had bad dental experiences in the past, we encourage to come be a part of the Artaza family. Our awesome team is here to greet you with open arms and show you how wonderful going to the dentist can be. If it will be your first time being with us, feel free to fill out the book an appointment form and come see us. We can’t wait to see you!