Choose Katy’s Most Technologically Advanced Dental Office

Everyone wants the best, regardless of what it is. We want the best food. The best friends. The best teams during the playoffs. That request for the best doesn’t stop at dentistry. You want the best dentist taking care of your teeth. Artaza Dental prides itself on being the best in Katy.

Our Katy dentist office covers every aspect of the dental experience to ensure we are pursuing excellence. From our impeccable customer service to the final results of every dental procedure, Artaza Dental has become known for making sure every patient is more than satisfied with their full experience.

Dental Technology to Better Your Experience

Over the years, dentistry technology has advanced exponentially. This technology enables our dentists and hygienists to look deeper and more clearly into our patients’ mouths. Being able to view everything in the mouth ensures that our patients can know how healthy their teeth, gums, jaw, and every other aspect of their mouth is.

Not too long ago, dentists had to rely on methods of viewing their patients’ teeth with a small mirror, and then there was the introduction of X-rays. At Artaza Dental, we have taken it a major step further by utilizing the CT Scan.

CT Scan to View Teeth

The CT scan, also known as a cat scan, gives Dr. Hugo Artaza and our dental professionals the ability to see everything about a tooth. Is it healthy? Are there cavities in hard to see places? Are there issues at the root? Just because it cannot be seen with the naked eye, doesn’t mean it can’t be seen. The CT scan has changed the game for our patients and has enabled our Katy dental office to provide patients with even more excellent care. Dental technology is a big deal here at our dentist office in Katy, and we continue to prove it by staying on the absolute cutting edge of dentistry.

Our Katy Dentist Office for Cutting Edge Dentistry

We pride ourselves on being ahead of every other dentist in Katy, TX. If you have been looking for a dentist for the whole family who can address every dentistry issue, come see Dr. Hugo Artaza and our dental team. Contact us today and schedule your dental appointment. We look forward to becoming your dentist.

3 Ways to Protect Your Dental Crown

At our Katy dental office, we understand the importance of educating patients on how to better maintain their oral health. Ensuring that every patient knows how to protect their natural teeth and teeth replacements, like dental implants or dental crowns.

The dentistry staff at Artaza Dental works hard to keep every patient informed of what areas in their mouth need specific attention. Some teeth often need more attention that others, which is why our practice provides procedures for every aspect of dentistry.

How to Protect Your Dental Crowns

When it comes to taking care of dental crowns, here are three primary actions you need to do or avoid:

  • ORAL MAINTENANCE: This pretty much goes without saying because it’s a necessity for everyone with or without dental caps. Just because you have a crown, which is not a natural part of the body, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to remain clean. Be sure to brush twice per day and floss daily, including around the crown. Not doing so will allow plaque to buildup and impact the surrounding teeth and will gum disease. This could reach into the root of the tooth, making your dental crown null and void.
  • END THE GRIND: A crown is placed on top of the healthy remainder of the tooth. Much like a natural tooth, the dental cap can only take so much pressure. Grinding your teeth is a bad habit all around. This can cause the crown to break. If you have a problem grinding your teeth, like when you sleep at night, then you need to purchase a mouthguard. This will protect all of your teeth, including your dental crown.
  • AVOID HARD FOODS: OK. Sometimes hard food is just part of like. And maybe you even like hard food. Our suggestion is that you don’t eat it too often, and if you do, try chewing on the side that doesn’t have the crown or crowns. When it comes to hard candy, like gobstoppers or fireballs, well...don’t crunch it. Just let it dissolve. Practice a little patience for Pete’s sake. Eating hard foods too often can put too much pressure on your dental crown and could chip or break it.


Artaza Dental makes it easy for everyone in the Katy area to find their dentist. Our dentist practice is conveniently located off of I-10 and 99. If you have a tooth that is severely decayed or broken, then you should consider receiving a dental crown. This procedure can be taken care of in one day with our CEREC 3D technology. Contact our dental office and schedule your appointment with us. We look forward to seeing you.

The dental staff at Artaza DDS focuses on providing great and painless dentistry to all patients.

Artaza Dental: A Focus on Painless Dentistry

There is the old adage: No pain. No gain. At Artaza Dental in Katy, we don’t abide by that mantra. In fact, Dr. Artaza and our dental staff continue to turn that phrase on its head.

Dentistry has always been associated with pain, but with advances in dental technology and methods, a dental procedure doesn’t have to be painful. Our Katy dentist office specializes in making dentistry as painless as possible. From dental fillings to root canals, our goal is to always make certain that every patient is relaxed and doesn’t experience any pain during the dental procedure.


One of the most important parts of dentistry is securing the patient’s trust. At Artaza Dental, our patients trust us to take care of all their dental needs. They also know that we will take care of them with kid gloves. Before we begin an invasive procedure, our dental assistant or dentist will numb the area that will receive a shot to deaden the nerves.


When a nerve is hit, this can cause a painful reaction. This is why Dr. Artaza conducts injections in the affected area to deaden the nerves and ensure there is no pain during the dental procedure. We always make certain to tell the patient to inform us if they feel anything when the procedure begins. This helps eliminate the possibility of a painful procedure. When the area is deadened, the patient is able to relax without the thought of pain.


Focusing on how the patient feels before, during, and after a procedure is just one of the many aspects that separates Artaza Dental from every other dental office in Katy. We want every patient – young and old – to enjoy their dental experience. Our dental staff works hard to ensure every patient has all their questions answered and knows what to do and what to expect after a procedure. If you are looking for a great dental clinic in the Katy area that will look after you and your well-being, come to Artaza Dental today.

Find the Dentist in Katy, TX That’s Perfect for You

We know it isn’t easy finding good help these days. And it seems even harder to find the right dentist. If you have been searching for a dental office in Katy that provides exceptional care and every type of dental procedure you and your family needs, then look no further than Artaza Dental.

Our dental clinic is in the heart of Katy, TX right off of I-10 and close to 99. But our location isn’t the only aspect that is convenient. Dr. Artaza and the Artaza Dental staff specializes in various dental procedures, which will ensure you and your family members are always taken care of.


Whether young or old, we ensure your teeth are in proper working condition and that your oral health is pristine. Regardless of your needs, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the primary dental services our office offers:

  • Dental Cleanings: It may seem like a dental procedure that you could skip, but a thorough dental cleaning is a necessity. This is part of the big three when it comes to keep your oral health in tip-top shape. The big three being: brushing, flossing, and bi-annual dental cleanings. These cleanings need to take place every six months in order to get rid of hard to remove plaque buildup and check for any signs of decay or periodontal disease.
  • Dental Fillings: This is one of the most common dental procedures conducted every year in dentistry, but it doesn’t alter its importance. Fillings are procedures conducted to fend off further decay in teeth. Our Katy dentists ensure all decay is removed from teeth and place filling in the affected area to protect the tooth from further decay, ultimately saving teeth. This procedures helps patients save money by keeping them from having to have more extensive procedures, like a root canal.
  • Dental Crowns: A dental crown is the next step you take if you’ve waited way too long to receive a dental filling or if you have a broken tooth. Our dentist in Katy works to leave only the healthy part of the tooth and then places a dental cap over it and seals it into place. Need to get that tooth covered quickly? With the CEREC 3D, our dentistry clinic provides same-day crowns.


Our incredibly friendly staff, perfect location in Katy, TX, and amazing dental procedures make Artaza Dental the primary dentistry office to come for all your family’s oral needs. If you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect dentist location, look no further than Artaza. Contact us today and schedule your appointment with us. We can’t wait to see you.

Artaza DDS provides dental patients with same-day dental crowns.

Why Get Dental Crowns from Our Katy Dentist Office?

Dental crowns have become an incredibly important and face-saving dentistry procedure. From tooth decay to broken teeth, a dental crown has become the prime method to helping restore smiles here in Katy.

At Artaza Dental in Katy, not only do we provide dental crowns, but we also provide same-day crowns for our patients. Dr. Artaza understands the needs of our patients and that the primary need is to have their oral issues addressed quickly, effectively, and professionally.

Our state-of-the-art dental technology enables us to provide amazing service to every patient in a timely manner. Time should always be on your side when going to the dentist. Here are some ways we make sure you aren’t spending all your time at the dental office, and are instead able to spend your time taking care of other things in your life:

  • ARRIVAL: For new patients, we make it simple with our online New Patient Forms. This allows us to gather the pertinent information about you and your dental need or needs before you ever step foot into our Katy dental office. For everyone, our Book an Appointment online option makes it easy to book your dental appointment. From there, our dental staff will organize your time with us into a seamless visit.
  • CROWN CREATION: Our CEREC 3D technology provides patients the opportunity to have their dental crowns taken care of all in one visit. For patients in need of a dental cap for their tooth, we take X-rays of the area to make certain that the patient receives a crown that fits perfectly.
  • CROWN PLACEMENT: Once the crown is created, we make certain that it fits in between the existing teeth and that the bite is not altered, but is as it should be. This ensures that the patient will have no issues chewing, and will help fight against any periodontal disease or tooth decay by keep teeth aligned and in close proximity.


If you have a severely chipped or broken tooth, or suffer from tooth decay, you should consider scheduling an appointment with Artaza Dental in Katy. Our dental clinic will take care of all your dental needs the way we have been doing for decades: quickly and professionally. Contact us today and schedule your same-day crowns dentistry appointment. We look forward to seeing you.