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Trusted Family Dentist in Katy

With over 30 years of experience as a family dentist, Dr. Hugo Artaza provides an unparalleled experience for patients at Kingsland Family Dental. The innovative techniques and personal care demonstrated by Dr. Artaza sets him apart from other dental practitioners as he blends dental artistry with the latest technology. Our office takes pride in featuring the latest state-of-the-art dental equipment to provide you the best in comfort for all your dental procedures.

Here at Kingsland Family Dental, we’re equipped to serve all your family’s general or cosmetic dental needs in Katy. With our technologically advanced dental equipment like our Velscope, the first device of its kind that detects cancerous and precancerous lesions, we can make sure your teeth are in their finest condition. Our air abrasion unit, which uses air instead of a drill, as well as our CEREC restoration system, a superior method of creating precisely-designed ceramic restorations, allow our procedures to be more convenient and patient friendly. We also provide digital dental x-rays that are not only safer and faster but also more accurate than traditional x-rays, for advanced diagnostic capabilities.


At Artaza Dental, you are our highest priority. We listen carefully to your expectations and provide the most comprehensive care with exceptional service using state-of-the art equipment!
Come experience a new kind of dentistry.

Dr. Hugo E. Artaza was born in Austin, Texas in 1955. For eight years of his youth he lived in South America when Brown & Root assigned his father to Paraguay. While in South America, he became fluent in Spanish.
SUZANNERegistered Dental Assistant - Office Manager
Suzi’s dental journey began before she even finished school for her license! She was hired by Dr. Artaza in February of 2012. As ironic as her friends and family believe it is that she made her way to the dental field (of all places) she says,“I absolutely love Dentistry and taking care of people. I am that patient that needed to be sedated prior to arriving in the office, I WAS TERRIFIED. This gives me pure compassion for our patients, being able to nurture those in need to get through the treatments they have been dreading is what gets me out of bed every day.” Sometimes we hear Suzi laying down the law with insurance companies and then with just the turn of her chair, she is smiling and laughing with the patients. Suzi started here as a single mom with one daughter of her own and one dog. Since then, she has started a marriage, gained two bonus kids, became a Siamese Cat Mom… (yes, that needs to be a real title) and still does not like to be the patient in Dr. Artaza’s dental chair.
ILEANAOffice Administrator
Ileana joined our team in 2014 after spending a year with another dental office.
“So far, this has been the greatest experience! I have learned so many things assisting him.”
Ileana wears a lot of hats in this office, so sometimes you will see her during your New Patient Exams, sometimes she is in the assistant chair with you and Dr. Artaza, and sometimes she actually gets to stay up front where she belongs! Ileana prides herself (changed to herself) with excellent teamwork efforts and she really does love every job she gets to do. When she gets time away from work, you will find her playing with her two wonderful puppies and hanging out with her lovely soon-to-be HUSBAND!


Innovative Katy Cosmetic Dentist

If you’re looking for an innovative family dentist in the Katy area, look no further than Dr. Artaza at Kingsland Family Dental. View our video tour below to learn more about our technologically advanced office or schedule an appointment to see it in person. At Kingsland Family Dental, we want to give you a state-of-the-art smile!

In addition, clients in the Spring or Klein area can visit our partner office, Spring Dentist Care for dependable results and excellent patient care.

Emegency Care

At Kingsland Family Dental we take our patients care seriously. We offer emergency care for all our patients should the need arise. Please call us now if you are in need!

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